What Are The Top Five Diabetes Indicators?

Diabetes IndicatorsEarly detection of diabetes can help a diabetic lead a healthy and active life. Symptoms such as excessive urination, blurred vision should be detected early for immediate and proper treatment. It should not go neglected. Early intervention is a safety measure, which every physician would like to exercise. Get diagnosed early and be treated well and get over the hurdles and bottlenecks that one may come across as a diabetic.

Diabetes if detected early need not be too problematic. Early detection of the disease will help the physician to take remedial measures and perhaps curtail its growth to a certain degree. When the hormone insulin is not produced at all or adequately by the body, then sugar, starch and other foods cannot be converted into energy. This causes high blood sugar level, which can affect other body systems and can lead to serious health complications. Let us examine the top diabetes indicators.

Early detection is important. On what symptoms should the physician base his diagnosis? Should he or she take few parameters into consideration to start with? Which ones?

Top Five Diabetes Indicators

  • Unusual changes in drinking and eating habits: One feels more thirsty and starts drinking too much water. One also experiences increased hunger. This sudden change in eating and drinking habits is definitely indicative of a problem. The physician can conduct tests to see if the person was turning diabetic. An FPG (fasting plasma glucose test) and OGT ( oral glucose tolerance tests) are conducted
  • Sudden Weight Loss: One may lose weight suddenly despite eating properly. This is symptomatic of a health problem. If one loses weight on account of eating less, one need not be too concerned about it. But eating normally and may be more but yet losing weight could be a matter of serious concern. One needs to get oneself examined
  • Excessive urination: This is also not good. Sometimes a person tries to relieve himself of urine too often as compared to an average person. They may urinate every hour, twice the amount that they normally do. Due to this they also tend to drink more. Excessive liquid consumption is also not normal. All these symptoms are indicative of a health problem.
  • Fatigue: This is also something one needs to be concerned about. If one feels tired constantly and is unable to take care of his or her daily chores he or she needs to get him or herself checked up. One becomes irritable and there are mood swings and emotional fluctuations. Alertness is less and one is unable to perform to one”s maximum mental and physical capacity. The weary body weighs heavily and one loses out on the buoyant energy that one had earlier. Could you be diabetic is the doubt that arises in the physician”s mind. After all when the body does not have enough insulin to convert food into energy one feels very tired. One feels dizzy
  • Eye Problems: One experiences blurred vision and also develops eye problems as the disease progresses. Poor vision is a side effect of diabetes. Diabetes can lead to blindness, if it is not treated. Early detection is definitely a good preventive measure. Any changes in sight should be checked up.

Diabetes if detected early can be controlled. The patient can be given proper and adequate treatment. Any unusual health symptoms should be checked up. If properly diagnosed and at the right time, then a diabetic can also lead a healthy and normal active life.

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  1. Well researched article. are there any other symptoms of this disease?