Does lack of sleep cause Diabetes?

lack of sleep cause DiabetesYes. Lack of sleep cause Diabetes. Pressures of modern living have deprived people of their sleep, and many are suffering from serious illnesses and diseases of which Diabetes is one, particularly Diabetes Type 2. Inadequate sleep can cause Diabetes Type 2 or aggravate the condition if it already exists. Sleep deprivation leads to poor glucose control and also causes stress, which is a major cause of Diabetes. Sleep well and keep diabetes away is what one should seriously contemplate upon.

Researchers from Boston University”s medical school conducted a study on middle aged and elderly men living in and around Boston and concluded that too much or too little sleep was a risk factor for Diabetes. Sleeping up to 5 hours or 8 hours was not good. Sleep disturbance is a common occurrence among those suffering from Diabetes. Treatment of sleep disorders improves glucose control. Changing modern life-styles are forcing people to have less sleep, which is affecting their overall health. Adequate sleep is essential for good health. Even a diabetic needs good sleep in order to control his or her disease. How important is sleep to the diabetic? Let us observe

How Important is Sleep to a Diabetic?

  • Lack of sleep results in weight gain and obesity, which causes Diabetes Type 2
  • Aging process also reduces sleep quality which also can cause Diabetes
  • Researchers at University of Chicago medical center also hold the view that reduced sleep affects the body”s ability in controlling blood sugar levels, which results in Diabetes Type 2
  • Improper sleep can not only cause Diabetes, it can also aggravate the condition
  • Less sleep means less resistance to insulin. Dr. Eve Van Cauter of University of Chicago has stated this. Chronic sleep deprivation is a risk factor of Diabetes
  • Dr. James E Gangwisch, PhD, of Columbia University, New York also established the link between less sleep and Diabetes. The former did cause the latter. Sleep deprivation decreased glucose tolerance
  • Treating sleeping disorders improved glucose metabolism and Diabetes control

Sleep disturbances can lead to Diabetes. Less or more sleep can cause this imbalance in the body. To maintain one”s glucose levels, one should ensure that the body is rested well. Get sufficient sleep and keep the doctor away.

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  1. I’m not having enough sleep even when i lie on my bed for eight hour. Please what is the problem?

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