How is Diabetes Inherited?

How is Diabetes Inherited?Diabetes Mellitus is a common disease, which is prevailing in every household. There are 2 types of diabetes, Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes. Many diabetes ask a common question that “How is Diabetes Inherited?”. Scientists believe that both the types of diabetes are partially inherited. Human Leukocyte Antigen(HLA) region is section which contains most of the genes the immune system works with. When this system fails, the immune system attacks other cells to control the imbalance of the system. This is called autoimmune reaction. There are more than 2 genes in this section which contribute to 40-50% of diabetes risk that people inherit.

As diabetes is mostly dependent on the immune system, and since the immune system is dependent on the genes, risk of diabetes is directly related to genes. TCF7L2, PPARG, FTO, KCNJ11, NOTCH2, WFS1 AND HHEX are some of the genes which have a significant effect on inheriting diabetes. There are other factors which are non genetic that can affect your chances of inheriting diabetes.

Factors Affecting Your Chances Of Inheriting Diabetes:

The various factors below play a vital role in affecting your chances of inheriting diabetes.


The family plays an important role in inheriting diabetes. Researches showed that, the more the number of people in your family having diabetes, the more the chances of you getting the disease. Although, if the mother has type one diabetes then the chances of the child inheriting it are very low. Mostly, the disease is inherited from the father and there are pretty good chances of the child inheriting it if the father has the same disease. Also, the more the age gap between the parents and child, the more the chances of the child inheriting diabetes.


Food can be a medium for triggering of various viruses. The love for sweets may increase your glucose levels in the body and this will result in high blood glucose levels. Once this condition is experienced by the body, eventually this may lead to diabetes. And this can run in the family if the whole family is accustomed to having such a diet.

Body Reaction

: Some people have a tendency of maintaining low glucose levels, even after consuming lot of sweet food. And if your parents are also having such a tendency then the chances of you inheriting diabetes is very low.


DR is a type of gene in the HLA region which plays a very vital role in inheritance of diabetes. There are 9 types of DR genes. Two forms of DR genes namely, DR3 and DR4 contribute in inheriting diabetes. 95% of the diabetic patients have inherited DR3 or DR4 genes. And about 30% have inherited both the genes. On a general scale, 50%of the population have DR3 and DR4.

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  1. my mother is diabetic and the age gap between me and my mother is 30 years. what are the chances of me getting this disease?

  2. Hi, If 50% of the population have either DR3 or DR4 and 95% of the diabetic patients have either then having one of those is associated with a risk of diabetes. If only 30% of diabetics have both then wouldn’t having both be protective as that is less then the general population?