Who Invented the Insulin Pump?

People suffering from diabetes always needed to have small dosages of insulin so that they can process the glucose in their body. But earlier it was very difficult to provide this facility as there were not many centers which treated diabetes at chronic level. Many patients suffering from chronic diabetes, had to be admitted in the hospital so that they have insulin dosage at hand. This was proving to be very costly and not many people could afford it.

Invention Of Insulin Pump-

In 1970, a college drop out named Dean Kamen was responsible to provide the first insulin pump to the medical world. This instrument was used to provide small dosages of insulin to the body just like the pancreas. He invented a immature pump which actually can administer medication to the body. This was used for several purposes and eventually has developed the insulin pump.

Insulin pumps are small portable devices which inject insulin into the fat of a person suffering from diabetes. These pumps are generally battery operated, containing a reservoir or cartilage of insulin. Insulin is continuously pumped through a inconspicuous catheter that is placed under the skin. The catheter is a needle like thing which is replaced 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the usage. The catheter needle is a little larger than the needle used for normal insulin syringe.

Operation Of Insulin Pump-

The insulin pump keeps injecting small dosage of insulin inside the body, making it the pancreas of the body. After a heavy meal, which contains carbohydrates, the user can issue additional dosages of insulin into the body. The instrument follows Pump therapy which enables it to follow the natural insulin dosage of the body.
Insulin PumpThe pump works well with the regular insulin, for the optimal results it is suggested to use insulin analog like “lispro”. Though they are expensive devices (each instrument costs around 3000 U.S $) it makes the life of a diabetic much more easier and happier.

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