What Is Diabetic Myonecrosis?

Diabetic MyonecrosisDiabetic myonecrosis or diabetic muscle infarction (DMI) is a rare diabetic complication. It occurs in poorly controlled diabetic patients. It is generally caused by an infarcted muscle tissue, usually in the thigh muscle. It is usually found in adults and in association with neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy and hypertension.

The major symptom of diabetic myonecrosis is the severe onset of muscle pain, generally occurs in the thigh muscle. Diabetic muscle infarction usually occurs in the later stages of diabetes. There are several causes why diabetics may feel the pain and muscle pain is a common pain complaint. Among the most common causes for muscle pain are shoulder tendonitis. This happens when a small artery supplying blood to the shoulder muscle gets blocked and muscles can even die and result in nerve diseases.

Diagnosis Of Diabetic Myonecrosis:

  • Pale muscle tissue on investigation.
  • Infarcted myocytes patches in muscles when observed microscopically.
  • Necrotic muscles are swollen and lack striations and nuclei.
  • Thickened small vessels and hyalinize with narrow lumen.
  • Creatine Kinase in blood is normal.
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is increased.
  • Swelling in soft tissue as revealed by X-ray.
  • Muscle oedema is revealed by Computed tomography.
  • Arteriography reveals medium and large vessels arteriosclerosis.

Treatment Of Diabetic Myonecrosis:

  • It includes supportive care with anti- inflammatory agents and analgesics.
  • Exercise should not be done excessively as it elevates pain and extends the infarcted area.
  • Usually symptoms resolve in weeks to months but 50 % sufferers experience relapse in either leg.
  • Death occurs within 5 years of diagnosing the diabetic myonecrosis.

2 responses to What Is Diabetic Myonecrosis?

  1. My wife has been diagnosed for diabetic myonecrosis with pain in right thigh. She is 51 years old and is govt. servant. She has been advised complete bed rest and may not be able to join her service. Is there any alternative/better treatment for the above disease at least to curtail the sufferings of her till she is alive ? Please reply

    • Dear Prabir Saha,

      We are sorry to hear about your wife. Diabetic myonecrosis occurs as a result of poor diabetic control. If she has consulted a good doctor, and is under treatment, encourage her to comply with the treatment. It is important to keep the blood sugar levels under strict control, during and after the treatment. It can help her prevent further complications, and can even help her recover.

      YGoY Team