What Fruits are Safe for Diabetes

A diabetes patient must abstain from having fruits which are rich in fats and cholesterol. Food must be non greasy, light, and easy to digest with high fiber content. Many fruits can fit in this category and are known for several beneficial effects on a diabetes patient. These fruits are low in fats, rich in vitamins and nutrients and has a positive impact on the unusual rise in blood sugar levels.

However, you should avoid fruit juices and fruit concentrates as they contain sugar. Many fruits are needed for preparing a glass of juice and may increase blood glucose levels. Moreover, dietary fibre is not present in fruit juices. Diabetics must choose citrus fruits, such as olives, grape fruits, sweet lime and oranges.

Diabetes patients must avoid sapodilla, bananas, grapes, custard apple and mango as these contain high sugar content. Following fruits are beneficial for diabetes patients:


These have high pectin content and are very useful for people with diabetes. Pectin is found in pulp and in rind. This pectin also acts as a detoxifier of body by supplying high amounts of galacturonic acid. This helps to remove harmful wastes from bloodstream and also lowers diabetic insulin requirements by nearly 35%. Apples are also rich in vitamin B1. This vitamin prevents brain cells damage which occurs due to diabetic acidosis.

Jambul fruit or Rose apple:

The elements present in rose apple have positive impact on pancreas. This avoids conversion of starch into bad sugar. Hence, controls blood glucose levels. Jambul fruits can be dried and powdered and can be taken along with water.besides controlling diabetes, this also helps in preventing excessive urination and relieves thirst too.

In addition, bark of rose apple can also be used for treating diabetes.bark is dried and burnt into white colored ash. This ash is taken along with water. In Ayurveda, 2 grams of this powder is given in the morning with an empty stomach and 2 grams each with an interval of an hour after having meals in the noon and night.


This is a citrus fruit with typical refreshing flavor. This also has many medicinal values that fights against diabetes. This lowers the blood glucose levels with a short span of time. However, a grapefruit diet is not sufficient for controlling diabetes. You should also take more fruits and vegetables that does not contain fats.

Nutritionists suggest that a person with high blood glucose levels must consume at least 3 servings of grapefruit in a day. This fruit can be used as one of the measures for controlling blood glucose levels.

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