Diabetes and Night Sweats – Is There a Relation?

Most people affected by diabetes often experience night sweats. There are different reasons why people experience night sweats. Some of the common causes are sleep apnea, menopause, stress, abdominal cancer etc. Diabetes is also an important cause for night sweats. Diabetic patients or people with a family history of diabetes often experience sudden bouts of night sweats. In normal cases, this is accompanied with shivering, chills and high fever. However, people with diabetes may not experience any of these mentioned symptoms.

People who are suffering from diabetes since a long time are more prone to experience night sweats. Diabetes causes fluctuations in the body temperature and this is the reason why long term diabetic patients experience a sudden increase and drop in their body temperature. Night sweats are the body’s response to stabilize its temperature.

Factors that cause night sweats

There are many factors which trigger night sweats in diabetics. The common factors are as follows:

  • Having a heavy dinner
  • Certain foods which increase the blood sugar level
  • Large insulin doses at dinner time
  • Over exertion and excessive exercise


Treatment and Prevention

  • There is no permanent cure for night sweats due to diabetes but this condition can definitely be managed. The most important and standard rule is to monitor your blood sugar level regularly.
  • Watch what you eat at dinner and avoid having a heavy dinner. Include nutritious foods which do not affect your blood sugar level. Prefer foods which are not spicy.
  • Exercise moderately and never go overboard with it. Lead a healthy lifestyle and quit alcohol and smoking.

By following the above mentioned points, you can control and prevent night sweats caused by diabetes. If the problem gets worse or if you do not find any relief, consult your doctor immediately.

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  1. my mother is an sugar patient from past 7 years from past one month she is sudden shivering at night times could u pls tel me the reason