Diabetes Life Expectancy

One of the biggest concern of people diagnosed with diabetes is their life expectancy. It is natural to worry about your life span when you have been diagnosed with any serious disease or health condition. Diabetes life expectancy depends on many factors. Be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes, factors like diagnosis, progress of complications, existing health conditions etc contribute to the patients life expectancy. Read on to know more.
Diabetes Life Expectancy

How long can a diabetic patient expect to live?

No one can exactly predict how long a diabetic patient can live. Life expectancy can vary from individual to individual depending on several factors which play a key role. Findings from research studies suggest that the life expectancy of type 2 diabetes patients can be reduced by up to 10 years. The life span of type 1 diabetic patients can be reduced by over 20 years.

These statistics only give a generic idea and do not imply that every diabetic patient would have reduced life expectancy.

What are the causes for shorter life expectancy in diabetes patients?

Diabetes life expectancy depends on several factors. High blood sugar is mainly responsible for the onset of diabetic complications like eye problems (retinopathy), kidney disease and heart disease.

Over a period of time, high blood sugar can also lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure which cause further damage to the organs and nerves. Short term complications like diabetic ketoacidosis and hypoglycemia can also be fatal.

What can you do to increase your life expectancy?

The first and foremost step to maintain good health is to keep your blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible. This would prevent or delay the onset of diabetic complications and would increase your life expectancy. By following some simple tips mentioned below, you can increase your life expectancy.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (no junk food, no smoking, no alcohol)
  • Have a well balanced and healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough physical activity
  • Keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check

Is life expectancy for type 1 diabetics less?

Diabetes life expectancy is less for type 1 patients. This is because type 1 diabetics develop this condition at a much younger age and they spend a longer period of time living with it. If type 1 diabetes is not managed effectively, the damage to the body parts and nerves starts early too.

However, don’t let this bother you too much. There are many type 1 diabetic patients who still live a healthy life in spite of having diabetes for 75 years or more. Think positive, stay healthy and live long.

Is type 2 diabetes a less serious form of the disease?

Although type 2 diabetics develops and progresses slowly when compared to other forms of the disease, it still has a serious impact on the patients health. All types of diabetes are serious and it takes a lot of time, care, and persistence to manage the disease.

So stop worrying about diabetes life expectancy and stay healthy. Think positive, eat right and most importantly keep your blood glucose level in check.

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