Mangoes For Diabetics – Good Or Bad!!

Mangoes for DiabeticsIt is a common notion that mangoes for diabetics are bad. In fact, it is also widely believed that diabetics should avoid many types of fruits including dates and bananas. However, the truth cannot be further than this. Most doctors suggest this to be a common myth and a wrong notion that diabetics should avoid fruits just because they are too sweet. There, however, are certain fruits they recommend to eat in moderation. Let us see if mangoes for diabetics is one such fruit.

Are fruits good for diabetics??

Before discussing if mangoes are good for diabetics, first we should address if any sweet fruits are good for diabetics. Doctors say that diabetics often avoid eating fruits just because they fear that fruits are sweet and hence contain sugar which is bad for them. Dr. Carol Willett suggests in mayoclinic.com that what affects the blood sugar levels in your body is actually the total amount of carbohydrates, more than the source of carbohydrates. It also doesn’t make much difference whether the source is a starch or sugar derivatives.

According to mayoclinic.com, a serving of fruits should contain 15 gms of carbohydrates. The advantage of having fruits with lower carbohydrate content obviously is that you can eat more of that fruit. And if the fruit contains more carbohydrates, naturally the portion of consumption goes down. That means, you can have a fruit as long as you are consuming 15 grams of carbohydrates. Now let us see how much carbohydrates mango contains and if it is alright for diabetics to eat mangoes.

Are Mangoes for Diabetics Good or Bad??

According to mayoclinic.com, half a cup (about 83 grams) of mango cubes gives you the necessary 15 grams of the required carbohydrates. Not bad, huh?? That means, you can have a good half a cup of mangoes for DiabeticsĀ still be at a safer end.

Another fact is that the mango was recently identified as very beneficial for diabetics
, and a study from Australia confirms this. According to this study, eating a mango everyday helps diabetics in fighting high cholesterol. Also, according to this study, eating a mango helps people suffering from pre-diabetes (a condition where the patient suffers from high blood sugar levels though not sufficient to be classified as diabetes). Ashley Wilkinson, a PhD student from University of Queensland identified that mangoes for diabets have certain properties which act similar to diabetes and cholesterol drugs, and this claim was supported by a doctor from the school of pharmacy from the university.

So, with these claims, you should be now able to rest assured that mangoes for diabetics
in moderation is indeed good. However, make it a point that if you are eating fruits, you need to cut down on your other carbohydrate intake for the day in order to compensate for the total carbohydrate consumption.

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