Diet for Blood Sugar Control

Diet for Blood Sugar ControlDiet plays an important role in controlling diabetes, because the food you eat is broken down into glucose and other basic nutrients, and released into blood stream for distribution. Complying with a planned diet for blood sugar control is one way of making sure that your blood sugar levels do not either rise too high or fall too low. You should plan your diet in such a way that all the nutrients are balanced as well as they do not cause any fluctuations in your sugar levels. Here is more about the

diet for blood sugar control


  • Eat Plenty of Vegetables

    Fiber should form an important part of a diabetic”s diet. It assists the body in controlling blood sugar levels by minimizing the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Eat any vegetable that you can get your hands on, but, make sure you keep your choices versatile. Vegetables are also necessary to supply for your vitamin and antioxidant requirements. They help your body fight free radicals, repair cells, heal the body, and also are essential in various metabolic activities. Apart from vegetables, other sources of fiber are whole grains and food products made from them.

  • Complex Carbohydrates as Source of Energy

    An important part of controlling blood sugar through diet is to understand the glycemic index of your foods. Glycemic index is how much of and how fast carbohydrate parts are broken down into glucose and absorbed into the blood stream. So, if a certain type of food has high glycemic index, which means it can increase the blood sugar levels faster, which is undesirable. Carbohydrates are the body”s energy source, and hence, cannot be completely avoided. However, opting for foods with complex carbohydrates is a better choice as they have high glycemic index, and will help maintain blood sugar levels, without getting them too high or too low. Almost all food products made from whole grains and whole flours have complex carbohydrates.

  • Choose Lean Meat for Protein

    Though not directly, protein rich diet can help control blood sugar levels by keeping your muscle cells healthy. They are the building blocks of your body and are needed in generating new DNA and cells. Healthy muscle cells are essential in controlling blood sugar levels as they are the ones that turn resistant to insulin, and by being healthy they can regain insulin sensitivity easily.

  • Mind the Fats

    Another aspect of controlling blood sugar levels through diet involves the kind of fats that you consume. Though there are quite many points relevant against fats, there are some of them which are absolutely essential in keeping you healthy. There are both good and bad fats, and you need to be careful with the kind of fats present in the food you eat. Fish, sea foods, nuts and seeds, and leafy vegetables are good sources of fatty acids that are beneficial to your body.

As much as possible avoid eating junk foods, deep fried and oily foods, as they increase insulin resistance, and make sure you are always eating your meals on time. Following a planned

diet for blood sugar control

along with regular physical activity will improve insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity.

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