Green coffee extract capable of preventing diabetes- Study says

Did u ever think that green coffee extract would help you out with managing your blood sugar levels? Yes you heard it right; According to the recent studies it has been found that chlorogenic acid, an active component of green or unroasted coffee beans is helpful in supervising elevated blood sugar levels and also helps prevent diabetes.

According to the US researchers findings at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans can effectively help people with pre-diabetes,  and it can also be used as a weight loss supplement losing  weight, but it also reduces the blood sugar levels in people already diagnosed with diabetes.


The researchers observed in a previous study that participants who consumed green coffee experienced about 10 percent of their body weight in 22 weeks. Very recently the same researchers investigated whether green coffee bean extract had an effect on blood sugar levels.

Green coffee bean extract has been extensively endorsed in recent times and is proven to be very beneficial when compared to normal cup of coffee as the green coffee beans are unroasted to restrain its valuable phenolic content, which is believed to be lost if roasted.

Leading researcher called Dr Joe Vinson Ph.D., who is with the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, pointed with evidence that “A simple natural pill or capsule that would both help control blood sugar and foster weight loss at the same time would be a major advance in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Large amounts of chlorogenic acids exist in green, or unroasted, coffee beans. However, the high temperatures used to roast coffee beans to make them suitable for use in coffee breaks down much of the chlorogenic acids.

Green coffee is prepared from unroasted coffee beans. The coffee beans can be easily accessed out of Arabica plant, a kind of coffee that yields superior quality beans which are specifically used in order to develop the extract of green coffee bean.

Green coffee bean extract consist of caffeine and several natural anti-oxidants and higher concentrations of most significant ingredient called chlorogenic acid (CGA), a polyphenol that is a helpful antioxidant and performs different roles once injected in the human body. Especially for diabetics green coffee is a boon beneficial in managing and can observe significant decrease in blood sugar levels. Chlorogenic acid and tocophenols once ingested in the body help in the breakdown of sugar. This helps to lower the chances of developing insulin dependent diabetes.

There is convincing epidemiological and other evidence that coffee consumption reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.”

This large study meeting conducted in New Orleans registered a 50 per cent risk reduction for people who drank 7cups of coffee a day compared to those who drank only 2cups a day,” Vinson said.

The new study sought to document the effects of various doses of a commercial green coffee extract on the blood sugar levels of 56 men and women with normal blood sugar levels.

Dr. Vinson and colleagues presented evidence for coffee’s diabetes and heart disease protection from a new human study that demonstrated a dose-response green coffee extract inhibition of glucose absorption during a glucose tolerance test.

They proposed a glucose tolerance test in order to determine how their bodies responded to the sugar. Then during the course, they acquired 100, 200, 300 or 400 milligrammes (mg) of the extract in a capsule with water.

Later after the follow-up glucose tolerance tests it was shown that how the green coffee extract affected their responses.

According to the observations by Dr Vinson, he stated that “There was a significant dose-response effect of the green coffee extract and no apparent gastrointestinal side effects,”.

This study was presented at a American Chemical Society’s meeting in New Orleans.



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