Preparing for your Appointment

If you suspect you or any of your family member experiencing these signs and symptoms, then you need to contact your doctor immediately for further treatment. The earlier it is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can be started to avoid complications.

If you are already diagnosed with diabetes then you would need a close follow-up till your sugar levels become normal. As the appointment with your doctor can be brief, it is always good for you to prepare for the appointment. Here are some of the things that you need to expect from your doctor.

What you can do
Be aware of any restrictions before an appointment like a fasting blood sugar test.
Write down the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing.
Write down personal information that may include major stresses. If you have been
recording your glucose levels then get the results with the date and time.
If you are allergic to some of the medications or any supplements you were taking, then
make a list of them.
Record your family medical history.
If possible take along a friend or family member with you.
Write down questions or doubts that you have in your mind about diabetes.

After making the above list, you need to make a list of questions or doubts that you have about this disease. Some of the questions to ask your doctor are:

Are the signs that I’m experiencing related to some other condition or diabetes?

What are the best tests that I need to do to diagnose correctly?

What are the other options to protect my health?

What are the other tips to manage my diabetes?

Are there any particular restrictions that I need to follow?

Should I meet a diabetes educator or a dietitian?

I have other health problem. How can I manage them in the best possible way?

Do you have a printed material or any brochure that I can take home with me?

Apart from these there are some of the questions that you need to expect from your doctor.

What to expect from your doctor
Is there a family history of preeclampsia or diabetes?
When did you first experience symptoms that concerned you about the possibility that
you have diabetes?
How severe are your symptoms?
Have your symptoms been continuous, or occasional?