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Green-coffee-extract-capab Green coffee extract capable of preventing diabetes- Study says

Did u ever think that green coffee extract would help you out with managing your blood sugar levels? Yes you heard it right; According to the recent studies it has been found that chlorogenic acid, an active component of green or unroasted coffee beans is helpful for diabetics.

Are Breast Cancer Survivors prone to diabetes? Are Breast Cancer Survivors prone to diabetes?

Life after breast cancer isn’t an easy sail even after you are done with your treatment there are few questions that usually keep nagging in your mind as you make the transition from the beginning of breast cancer treatment to breast cancer survival.

Does Diabetes Drugs Damage Pancreas? Do Diabetes Drugs Damage Pancreas?

According to the study led by renowned researchers namely Peter Butler and Alexandra Butler from the University of California, Los Angeles, supports evidence of rise in pre-cancerous changes in patients living with diabetes.

Super Foods to Prevent Diabetes Super Foods to Prevent Diabetes

Taking steps to prevent and control diabetes is essential in order for patients to lead a fulfilling life. Without paying attention to what they eat, diabetes patients cannot hope to bring this disease under control.

Alcoholism and Diabetes Complications Alcoholism and Diabetes Complications

Though alcoholism and diabetes complications that arise from it are very difficult to treat, especially when psychological factors are involved, it is possible to overcome them with support and perseverance. Here is more about alcoholism and diabetes, and the associated problems.

eye Top 5 Eye Supplements for Diabetics

Your eyes reveal a lot about the effect of blood glucose levels. The results of your diabetes care are clearly revealed through an annual dilated-eye […]

What-Should-a-Type-2-Diabetes-Diet-Menu-Consist-of Best 15 Fruits for Diabetics

Which are the best fruits for diabetics? This is the common question which arises in the minds of the diabetics as many of them believe […]

4-Tips-for-Best-Diabetic-Diet-Meal-Plan Diet for Blood Sugar Control

Diet plays an important role in controlling diabetes, because the food you eat is broken down into glucose and other basic nutrients, and released into […]

mango Mangoes For Diabetics – Good Or Bad!!

It is a common notion that mangoes for diabetics are bad. In fact, it is also widely believed that diabetics should avoid many types of […]

7-Long-Term-Effects-of-Uncontrolled-Diabetes-Mellitus.gif 7 Long-Term Effects of Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes requires keeping track of blood sugar levels on a regular basis, and complying with the treatment so as to keep them in control. Uncontrolled […]

Diabetic-Friendly-Foods-to-Help-You-Manage-Blood-Suga 10 Long-Term Effects of Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia, though also seen in drug related and physiologically stressful situations, is a characteristic sign of diabetes mellitus. The long-term effects of hyperglycemia, especially in […]

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction 6 Wonderful Fruits for Diabetics

Choosing what to eat is of utmost importance when it comes to diabetics. Eating the wrong foods can cause undesirable fluctuations in blood sugar levels. […]

5-Ways-to-Use-Exercise-to-Control-Diabetes Exercise and Insulin Sensitivity -How to Stay Motivated?

Exercising is the most important part of diabetic treatment and management of blood sugar levels. Not to mention the close relation between exercise and insulin […]

Symptoms-of-Pancreatic-Cancer-You-Should-Look-For What is the Difference Between Diabetes Insipidus and Diabetes Mellitus?

The two types of diabetes, diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus differ in many ways. Though they share common name, ‘diabetes’, the reasons behind them and […]

What-is-Somogyi-Effect Diabetes Life Expectancy

One of the biggest concern of people diagnosed with diabetes is their life expectancy. It is natural to worry about your life span when you […]