Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Excessive glucose in the blood can lead to heart disease, stroke and other heart problems. A diabetic has to be careful about his sugar intake as he is more prone to heart problem as compared to a person who is not a diabetic. High cholesterol is not advisable. Due to this, the insides of large blood vessels become narrowed or clogged. The problem is called atherosclerosis. The flow of the blood gets affected.

Narrowed blood vessels means a smaller opening for blood to flow. The blood flow is under more pressure and it leads to high blood pressure. Diabetics who suffer from blood pressure are more prone to heart problems.

Risk problems of heart attack in the case of a diabetic

  • High blood pressure– Blood pressure should be under control. It should be checked by a physician.If medication is prescribed it should be taken regularly.
  • High blood fats– Excessive fat is also not good for the heart. The diabetic has to watch his weight and take food that does not contain too much of fat. To be slim is good.
  • Smoking– This is also injurious to health. When stressed, people tend to smoke more. A diabetic should avoid smoking if he can.
  • Lack of excercise– One must keep fit physically. Plenty of excercise, walking, helps to keep the body in good shape.
  • Obesity– Being overweight is not advisable.
  • Family history of heart disease– If there is a family history of heart disease, then the changes of a diabetic suffering from heart disease are high.
  • Kidney problem

How one can reduce the risks in heart problem afflicting a diabetic

  • Keep a tab on the blood pressure and blood fats
  • Low fat diet
  • Avoid smoking
  • Maintain proper weight
  • Adequate physical activity
  • Maintaining blood sugar levels
  • Aspirin therapy
  • Taking medicines properly

Warning signs of a stroke

  • Sudden weekness or numbness in face, arm or leg
  • difficulty in speech
  • Lack of clarity in thought and expression
  • Problem in vision
  • Sudden severe headache.

It is quite obvious that a proper diet, adequate excercise, healthy habits, reduced smoking and above all keeping in touch with your physician regularly help a diabetic to maintain good health and not suffer from heart ailments. A stroke or heart attack can be avoided if adequate precautions are taken.