Diabetes and Lifestyle

What changes in lifestyle could help in preventing diabetes?

The number of people having diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes, is on the increase. Recent reports indicate that even children are suffering from this disease. Several studies and researches have been conducted to find out what causes diabetes, and it was found that lifestyle was also a major factor leading to this health problem. Changes in the lifestyle patterns were recommended to prevent it.

Lifestyle can decide your health. The better the lifestyle, the better health you have. One should make changes in one’s lifestyle , if one is having a health problem. Diabetes is no exception to this rule.

How does bad lifestyle cause diabetes?

  • Lack of excercise– These days people are not getting time to exercise due to fast-paced lifestyles. They are busy earning money, and do not take the time out to exercise, play games and relax a lot.
  • Eating junk food– People eat in hurry these days. They eat anything that they can find without seeing whether it is nutritionally of any value. Teenagers live off fast foods. Children also enjoy junk food. The net result- the changes of suffering from diabetes.
  • Watching T.V– Children and even adults have started spending. More time in front of the T.V. This leads to lack of exercise.
  • Increase in smoking– Due to stress, people have started to smoke more.

How to prevent diabetes by better lifestyles?

  • To excercise a lot– Physical activity, rather than a sedentary life prevents diabetes. A game of tennis everyday, or a swim will provide you with the necessary physical excercise. Walking is also good.
  • Fighting obesity– Trying to reduce one’s weight.
  • Better diet– Eating the right kind of food at the right time. One must ensure a nutrionally rich diet.
  • Go in for a vegetarian diet– Those with diabetic nerve damage switch to vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid excessive sugar– Reduce the sweeth tooth or do away with it.
  • Avoid junk food– Fast foods should be substituted by regular meals.
  • Avoid excessive smoking– One must try to avoid excessive smoking as it affects the overall health.
  • Relax– One must take sometime off for oneself in this highly stressful life and relax and enjoy ones’s hobbies.
  • Awareness– Be aware of diabetes and what is the latest happening in that field .

Precautionary measures prevent the incidence of diabetes. One should change one’s lifestyle, so that one is more active and is able to either prevent diabetes or, if suffering, learn to cope up with it.