Benefits of Exercise and Sports for Diabetics

Controlling diabetes is very important since it cannot be cured. Exercise and Sports help towards this end. A sedentary type of lifestyle is not advisable. One should be physically active and make sure that his or her body is in good shape. Diabetics should get plenty of excercise and since they also have the same chance to excel in sports, they need to participate in them. A combination of the two will be superb from the health point of view.

Benefits of Exercise for Diabetics

  • Better use of insulin
  • Calories are burnt and muscles are built
  • Less risk of heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Strengthens your bones and muscles
  • A general well-being
  • Relieves tension and stress

Consult the Physician before Performing Exercise
The physician will guide you in how to achieve the maximum from your excercise regimen. He will also inform as to when the insulin should be injected and keep a tab on your glucose level. Also he would in better position to focus on which exercises are more beneficial and which are not. He would be able to regulate diet, as to what you should eat while dieting.

How should a diabetic prepare for sports and excercise

  • He should know whether he needs to get his blood sugar levels tested before playing games or whether afterwards
  • Also he or she should not inject that part of the body which he is using to play a game. For example, he or she should not inject his leg if he or she is playing soccer
  • Eat right. Take extra snacks as one may need during the game. Otherwise, one should stick to normal meal plan
  • If exercising away from home, make sure all your testing supplies, medication and medical alert bracelet, emergency contact information, and a copy of your diabetes management plan are available.
  • Since your the master of your own time and health, take a break whenever required and have a snack.

Regular physical exercise is advisable for diabetics to lead a full life. It improves the heart,controls the glucose level and promotes a general well-being. A diabetic need not feel restricted.