How does high blood sugar feel?

A diabetes patient suffers from high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) when the sugar level, the glucose level in the blood increases. Missing medicines (insulin or pills), eating too many calories or having infections or illness,injury,emotional stress or surgery, all these factors can increase blood sugar levels.

How does one feel when a person have high blood sugar level?

One feels tired. One suffers from –

  • Polyphegia (frequently hungry) the glucose remains in the blood which results in increased hunger. It leads to weight gain.
  • Polydipsia (frequently thirsty ) the increased urination makes you feel thirsty as the body wants more fluid. Excessive glucose in the saliva may also contribute to this condition.
  • Polyuria (frequently urinating)- the excessive glucose cannot be re-absorbed by the kidneys and remains in the urine and as a result you feel like urinating more.
  • Tiredness– Cells are not getting sufficient energy since the glucose is not available. They cannot work efficiently, so you feel tired.
  • Weight Loss– Glucose gets lost in urine so you have less of calories for the body. This results in weight loss.
  • Change in Vision– Extra glucose gets into the lens of the eye, followed by water entering into the lens which leads to blurred vision.
  • Moodiness– The high glucose causes it.
  • Muscle cramps– Muscle mass is lost when glucose is uncontrolled. it leads to tissue breakdown and loss of “electrolytes”

Lack of proper concentration

Yeast infection– Higher level of glucose means more glucose in the vagina which causes yeast infections.It is a vicious circle. High glucose causes yeast infections which in turn cause more glucose. Yeast infection can occur also under the foreskin of the penis.

Numbness and Tingling feeling in the hands

and the feet- Nerves get affected when the glucose level goes high.It causes numbness and tingling feeling in the hands and the feet.

One also experiences blurred vision, fatigue, poor wound healing, dry mouth,dry or itchy skin, impotence among males and recurrent infections. At times the symptoms may not be noticeable as you may feel they are normal symptoms. It is therefore advisable to get your blood test done frequently, so that you keep a tab on your glucose levels.

Causes of high blood sugar

  • Injury– This cause an increase in the blood sugar level. In an injury more hormones are activated and these hormones stimulate the liver to produce more glucose. This is because you need extra energy to fight the sickness.
  • Medication– Not sufficient medication or wrong type of medication
  • Exercise– Not enough exercise
  • Food– Wrong kind of food or too much food.

One should keep one’s blood sugar levels under control to maintain good health. A diabetic has to take all the required precautions to ensure that he does not suffer from high blood sugar.