How to Prevent Diabetes?

Medical research has proven that diabetes prevention is possible. Studies indicate that people at high risk for type2 diabetes can delay the onset of the disease, if not completely prevent it, by losing five to seven percent of their body weight. This can be achieved by eating healthier and getting thirty minutes of physical activity just five days a week. It is advisable for people suspecting they have some diabetic symptoms to raise their awareness level about the risk for developing type-2 diabetes and taking necessary steps to delay/prevent the disease. When this knowledge is applied through proper management for change in attitude and lifestyle, be it measures for dietary modification or physical activity, it has shown positive results for diabetes prevention. In a recent National Healthcare Committee study, people at risk of type-2 diabetes were able to cut that risk fifty eight percent by exercising moderately for half an hour a day and by losing as little as 5 percent of body weight. The study showed that for people over 60, this risk was minimized by about seventy percent.

Diabetes prevention methods that also help stabilize Blood Glucose levels:
Recent studies reiterated that the oral diabetes drug Metformin, also reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes in individuals who satisfy all the conditions that lead to the disease. However, no drug can substitute the most effective way to prevent the onset of the disease, as lifestyle and attitudinal changes in the diabetic can. Health experts, therefore, recommend that persons with one or more of the risk factors for type2 diabetes can stop the disease before it becomes irreversible. The head of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has gone on record to say that alterations in diet and physical activity prevents/delays the development of diabetes and this leads to restoration of normal glucose levels in many people who have impaired glucose tolerance. Studies such as these give diabetics the world over, immense hope of attaining the goal of containing and eventually reversing the epidemic of type 2 diabetes throughout America.

Healthcare tips that can aid diabetes prevention programs:
Many serious risk factors lie in wait for people at the pre-diabetes stage, including inactivity, obesity and heart disease. Prevention and disciplined management of diabetes, under the trained guidance of healthcare professionals can help with choosing the right diabetic diet, assistance with meal planning, weight maintenance monitoring and the best options for regular physical exercise that individuals can take up. Those already affected by diabetes can control the effects and minimize health risks by monitoring blood glucose levels at home, maintenance of an ideal weight range and sticking to a healthy diabetic diet. Timely meals, snacks and medication, if necessary, are the other factors that go a long way in diabetes prevention.