Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

One in every 700 school going children has diabetes. Research says that this ratio is onl
expected to increase in the following years. Spotting the onset of diabetes in children is tricky for parents. Most of them mistake them as normal.

Another difficulty in recognizing diabetes in children is that symptoms don”t appear all at once. One symptom may appear now and the other may appear a couple of months later.

The symptoms of Diabetes in both children and adults are –

Frequent Thirst

-Diabetics feel thirsty frequently than normal. This is because the body loses fluid due to high glucose levels in blood. This results in dehydration thus frequent thirst.

Frequent Urination

-Parents often dismiss frequent urination in children as normal. The glucose draws out the body”s water with it, so there is frequent urination that results when the body doesn”t get enough insulin to move glucose to the cells. When the glucose stays in the blood the body forces the extra glucose out through the urine.

Extreme Hunger

-When the glucose doesn”t get into the cells, the body doesn”t get energy. This makes people feel hungrier and feel more tired than usual. In case of children parents feel that they are going through a growing spurt that”s why they require more food.

Unusual Weight Loss

-When there is not enough insulin the body uses its fat for all its energy. This causes the child to lose weight. The dehydration and fluid loss also contributes to the weight loss.

Slow Healing

-Kids frequently get injured with cuts and bruises here and there. But in diabetics, the cuts and bruises heal very slowly. Parents may think it was just a bad injury

Blurred Vision

-Sometimes your child”s vision may get blurred. He may not complain because it wont be constant.

Numbness in hands and feet

-Even the numbness in hands and feet is also not constant. This may cause your child to think he is merely fatigued.

Children suffering from diabetes may also show signs of irritability, Kussmaul breathing, headaches, stomachaches, vomiting, nausea or back pain.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms in your child, consult your doctor immediately.