Traveling with Diabetes

A patient suffering from diabetes can also enjoy his travels. He need not worry about his diabetes as he needs to take simple precautions to ensure that he takes his medication on time and in proper dosage.

In today’s fast changing world, travel is inevitable and diabetes should not curtail one’s freedom to cross barriers.Go places, enjoy yourself, do not feel low that you are a diabetic. One need not limit one’s horizons to one’s vicinity even if one is a diabetic.

Precautions to be taken by a diabetic while traveling

  • Should consult the doctor. Seek his advice. Undergo a medical examination to make sure everything is okay.
  • Take immunization shots much in advance, in case one is leaving the country.
  • One should take a letter from the doctor as to what should be done in an emergency and should list out what all you need. It also mentions the
    allergies that can aggravate the diabetes. The other should be the prescription.
  • Wear a medical bracelet to indicate that you are diabetic.
  • Prepare the list of International Diabetes Federation groups in case one has to contact somebody during an emergency.
  • One can also contact the American Embassy or Consulate or the local American school.
  • Keep some snacks in case the lunch or dinner gets delayed while in flight.
  • The insulin should be stored in proper place.

What should the diabetic pack while traveling

  • All the insulin and syringes should be packed
  • Blood and urine testing supplies
  • Oral medications
  • Other drugs
  • ID and diabetes identity card
  • Snacks
  • Glugagon kit in original box.

Where to be cautious while traveling with diabetes?

  • One may not want to use the available refrigerator as it may not be properly maintained. It is best to keep the insulin at room temperature.
  • Wear the right kind of footwear. Treat sores and other problems. Do not go bare foot on the beach. Wear beach shoes.
  • Test blood sugar levels. Time differences can have effect on them.
  • Have a snack bag with you where ever you are.

If one takes the required precautions and equip oneself with all the things that one needs, then a diabetic can also move around freely. His or Her disease need not prove to be an hindrance in his or her travel activities. If she is a professional on the move and happens to be a diabetic, she need not worry about having to travel. Be well prepared in advance of the trip, then not many major problems will crop up.