Weight Control for Diabetes Patients

Weight control is an effective measure to help manage Type2 diabetes and research indicates that when these patients lose weight, there is marked improvement in glucose control, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Effects of weight control
Weight control is most effective when it is planned for life. Long term changes, under medical guidance and monitoring of eating habits, physical activity and change in attitude regarding food and weight, are solutions to successful weight management.

Guidelines for successful, progressive weight control

  • The best way to begin a weight control program is to start with realistic goals and compliment one’s self for even modest weight loss, which can be measured as low as 2.5% of total weight. Weight control has many benefits. Chief among these are the reduction of risk factors for diseases such as heart ailments, blood sugar, high blood pressure and fatigue, while keeping stress at bay.
  • When combined with a regular exercise program, maintaining weight loss is an easily achieved goal. For those fortunate enough not to have any health prohibitions, there are many enjoyable exercise options like Pilates, Tai chi, Yoga, Swimming, Kick-boxing and Jogging to choose from.
  • Hunger pangs are not equivalent to actual hunger and people on a weight control program are advised to eat small portions of food for five meals, inclusive of two snacks. This is because the stomach can be stretched by large meals and continue to give hunger signals, but can be reduced in size over time with smaller meals.
  • Calorie tracking and changes through nutritionally balanced, tasty meal planning can help one stick to the low fat, low calorie and fiber rich options to stay on track for weight control.
  • Clearing the refrigerator and pantry of temptations for the wrong food types is one way of sticking to a healthy eating plan.
  • Having plentiful fruit and vegetables stacked in the home makes the selection of nutritional snacks and meal planning easier and healthier.
  • Soups, salad and raw vegetables with generous fruit servings are a filling and healthy option. A big plus is that they require minimal preparation time, making it easy for everyone.

Benefits of Weight Loss through effectively managing weight control measures
Benefits of weight loss are high energy levels, reduction of stress, minimizing of health risks due to unhealthy weight and eating habits and looking attractive by being physically fit. A good weight control program will aid in lowering blood glucose levels and is especially valuable for those with higher blood glucose than normal. It can help lower blood pressure that is higher than normal and improve blood fats not in a healthy range by taking the stress off hips, knees, ankles and feet, which makes it easier for the individual to move around and breathe naturally. Thus, effectively managed weight control programs help control unhealthy patterns of eating and teach the importance of choosing right to elevate the quality and span of life for everyone.